Analysts at Cubic Media estimate that Russian companies pay more than 100 million rubles a year in fines for failing to pay background music royalties to regulatory authorities. This is stated in the company’s research.

Russian companies pay more than 100 million rubles a year in fines for not paying for background music: study

Cubic Media specialists found that every month more than 50 cases of commercial use of music without payment reach a court decision. The average recovery amount in such cases is 150 thousand rubles.

The number of cases is growing by 25% to 30% each year, which includes both an increase in non-payment cases by companies and an increase in the number of inspections by regulatory authorities.

  • Cubic Media statistics show the minimum possible number of non-payment cases and the amount of fines, since most cases are resolved before trial, the company notes.
  • The supervisory bodies in Russia are the Russian Copyright Society (RAO) and the All-Russian Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Legislation regulates the use of music for commercial purposes: in HoReCa, retail stores, gas stations, beauty salons and other commercial premises you have to pay.
  • If a company does not pay copyright and related rights holders, it uses music illegally; This threatens a fine of up to 5 million rubles.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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