Four venture funds simultaneously launched the Pre-seed to Succeed program for early-stage startups. Yellow Rocks co-founder Sergei Bogdanov spoke about this on his social network page.

Four venture funds launched a joint program for early-stage startups

In addition to Yellow Rocks, the program includes Igor Ryabenkiy’s AltaIR Capital, Nikolai Kirpichnikov’s Smart Partnership Capital and Ilya Golubovich’s I2BF.

As part of the program, young projects will be able to attract the first round of investment.

“We offer initial investments from 4 well-known venture companies and a soft commitment for a 50% follow-up round after the end of the program for selected startups,” explains Sergey Bogdanov.

Other benefits of participating in the program

  • Personal mentoring from one of the partners and access to the experience of leading market experts;
  • Support when submitting applications to top accelerators;
  • Creation of global networks of venture companies.

Projects selected to participate may have investments from at least one of the program’s partner funds for an amount between $50,000 and $150,000.

The main goal of the project is to support startups in their early stages in difficult conditions for venture business.

In 2022, after record growth, the global risk market began to slow down and the Russian one showed a significant decline. Transaction volume decreased by 70%. In 2023, the situation did not return to normal: according to Dsight, the monetary volume of the Russian venture capital market plummeted 10 times.

RB.RU organizes a project meeting Founders Monday for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. Twice a month on Mondays.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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