Committee of the State Duma on the coverage of the Mintsifra initiative that has swept Russia.

Among them, there are expenses for VPN services and CDN services that facilitate the transfer of traffic within the Russian Internet. According to the deputy, the domestic VPN should help citizens who are outside of Russia to gain access to natural resources, export blocs abroad.

The service must solve two problems. First, a VPN should provide individual users with a professional tool for solving the tasks that will be deployed in a private network environment. Second, access to government resources blocked abroad.

We fix a request for an alternative point of view and an increase in the assessment of normal processes from the “other side”. I don’t think, of course, that this needs to be implemented at the expense of the state budget, this is quite a feasible task for our foreign companies as well, but the Ministry of Digital Development can become a driver of this process.

— Anton Gorelkin, State Duma deputy

As for the CDN service, it should distribute resources as much as possible and distribute the amount of accumulation around the world, providing maximum comfortable access for users.

The main reason why this is necessary is that large foreign services are gradually being made in Russia, “even if Google has something left, it lives out and remains”. [Российская Газета]

Source: Iphones RU

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