The digital tenge (DT) was officially launched in Kazakhstan. The first transaction at the launch ceremony was carried out by the President of the National Payments Corporation, Binur Zhalenov.

Kazakhstan officially launched the digital tenge

“I would like to note that this implementation is the world’s first debit payment card linked to an account in the digital currency of a central bank,” said Zhalenov (cited by TASS).

The technology allows existing payment cards to be integrated with the digital tenge platform; Thanks to this, you can pay in digital tenge anywhere in the world using ApplePay, SamsungPay and other devices, he explained.

In 2024, Kazakhstan expects large-scale development of the platform together with partners and participants of the republic’s financial market.

  • The digital tenge is the third form of the national currency of Kazakhstan. The user will store the DT in the form of tokens in a digital wallet on a mobile device or other medium. Payments can be made even if there is no Internet access.
  • The National Bank of Kazakhstan has already clarified that DH will be universally accepted as a legal means of payment.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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