Spending too much time on isolation exercises. For example, this is biceps curl, leg extension. If you do not combine this type of training with complex exercises, you may encounter muscle imbalance and lack of functional strength. Over time, this imbalance can lead to posture problems and increase the risk of injury during daily activities.

mild dehydration. It is usually not immediately noticeable. But in any case, it is important to drink enough water during exercise. Mild chronic dehydration can cause your strength and endurance to decrease, and over time you may experience kidney stones and kidney damage.

Stretching too much before lifting weights. Excessive stretching temporarily reduces muscle strength and joint stability. This may cause injury.

Avoid focusing on certain muscle groups. The truth is that you can over-work or under-work a particular muscle group. For example, if you focus on your arms and chest and do not pay attention to your back, you will experience poor posture and chronic back pain.

Ignoring grip strength. Over time, a weak grip can limit your ability to perform important exercises. This will lead to poor results, increased risk of accidents or weight loss.

Misuse of weight belts. If you use them too often, you may increase the risk of lower back injury. This is because over time the body gets used to artificial support.

Don’t wash your sheets for a week. According to a study conducted by Amerisleep, a week’s worth of pillowcases contained 3 million colony-forming units per square inch. And that’s 17,442 times more bacteria than you’ll find on a toilet seat.

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