Sovcombank offered to refinance credit card debts of other banks for 24 months, inviting clients to switch to the Halva payment card, Kommersant writes. During the two months of the pilot, approximately 8 thousand credit cards from other banks were refinanced there.

Sovcombank offered free refinancing of debts with credit cards from other banks

By accepting the terms, the borrower must repay the old debt without delay within two years and make at least five purchases worth 10 thousand rubles per month using an installment card. The refinancing limit is 300 thousand rubles.

You can refinance credit card debt in many large banks, but in them the repayment period for the old debt is 100 to 180 days, and there the client receives a credit card from the new bank, not a payment card. in installments.

Refinancing itself is considered a deterioration in the borrower’s credit quality and means a higher level of reserves for the bank, says Denis Taradov, partner of the Unicon group. However, the expert still considers this program to be a profitable product for the bank, as it provides it with commission income.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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