Assassins Creed IV Black Flag was running at 800×600 resolution with a low preset. Average FPS was only 5fps and in very rare cases it dropped to 3fps.

Alan Wake was tested at 1024×768 resolution and Very Low graphics settings. The average frame rate was 8 fps, in extremely rare cases 5 fps.

COD Modern Warfare 2 was running at 800×600 resolution and low graphics settings. The average performance was 46 fps, with very rare cases of 19 fps.

COD Modern Warfare 3 was also running at 800×600 resolution and the Low preset. FPS in it was on average 36 fps, in very rare cases 17 fps.

Counter-Strike 2 unfortunately never launched. Dead Island was running at 1024×768 resolution and low preset. The average frame rate was only 10fps.

Far Cry 3 was running at 800×600 resolution and low graphics settings. The average FPS in it was 9 fps, and in extremely rare cases 6 fps.

You can see these and other measurements in the video below.

On average, you can expect around 27 fps in modern games from a PC with a GeForce G100 256 MB.

Mounting features:

  • Processor Intel Core i5-11400;
  • video card NVIDIA GeForce G100 256MB DDR2;
  • data store 1x8GB and 1x16GB SAMSUNG 2666MHz;
  • motherboard ASUS ROG Strix B560-A;
  • SSD Toshiba 120GB A400;
  • hard disk 4TB WD Purple WD82PURZ 256MB Cache;
  • hard disk 1TB WD Blue 64MB Cache;
  • power unit Corsair CV650 80 Plus Bronze;
  • OS Windows 10 Pro Build 19044.

Source: Ferra

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