Specialists of the Mordovian state. Ogarev was ordered to dismantle a boat of promising self-adhesive radio-absorbing material, which is easy to use and affordable – one quad Average square meter is equal to 600 rubles, while rubles and the cost are 60,000 rubles.

Analog materials are characterized by systematic preparation processes for use. First of all, inattention to the meaning of the work. Apply special glue and heat to 100°C. The development of Mordovian scientists does not require any surface preparation.

When used, they contain a radio-gloss material and component – this is a non-drying sealant, as well as an EM wave absorber filler, which is based on chopped carbon fiber in a reduced percentage.

Thin materials can be used in various areas for their intended purpose and in workshops with industrial or household microwave installations. They are used for testing as well as for sealing.

Not necessarily noted, this is the destruction of materials containing electromagnetism. his.

Source: Tech Cult

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