This security camera with motion detection and 1080p HD is half the price

For the Black Friday deal, we recommend a product with a minimalist design and great technical features.

Blink Mini security camera has night vision and motion detection

The world of home automation is so wonderful, isn’t it…? Technology products in this field offer us the opportunity to manage the devices in our home with incredible ease. Who would have told us more than a decade ago that we could change the color of the light with the virtual assistant on our mobile phone?

Today, we recommend one of the home automation products that will help you live an easier and calmer life. The Blink Mini security camera is on sale for Black Friday and is now half price. Only 20.99 euros. A fantastic 40% discount on the original price for a camera with excellent design and functionality. Available in black or white.

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Blink Mini: A security camera with a minimalist design is on sale on Black Friday

This Blink security camera is more than just a “pretty face.” In addition to having a very visual and aesthetic design, Present everything happening in the video in real time from your smartphone screenThe camera packs a number of features that make it one of the best deals of the day on Black Friday.

Blink Mini camera has high resolution images HD 1080p And two-way audio. What does this mean? Basically, you can talk through a built-in speaker and receive audio through its microphone. We insist on everything in real time with the official app.

Additionally, the Blink Mini security camera also has a motion detection This will ensure that you receive notifications on your mobile phone whenever the camera detects any movement in the images. Although we warn you, most of the time your cat will be curious!

It also provides night vision It works with infrared and the ability to store all video recordings in the cloud, including a trial period of up to 30 days. Without a doubt, it’s a complete security camera that you can now get for half price on Black Friday.

It had a price before 34.99 euros…Now it’s just 20.99 euros! Highly recommended.

Mini Flashing

Blink is a company affiliated with Amazon, so there’s no denying that this is a high-quality product. There is also Alexa compatibility and syncing with other products like Amazon Echo Show. One of the best security cameras on the market.

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