The company Rosseti is looking for a contractor who will create an electrical network information modeling system (SIMES) worth 566 million rubles. This system will be used to manage electricity generation facilities more efficiently. The project involves the creation of a digital twin of the power system, which includes more than 500 thousand substations, to optimize the operation of the network, calculate the parameters of objects in real time and make operational decisions.

The development of digital modeling of the power system will allow Rosseti to minimize losses, identify optimal locations for the construction of substations and increase commercial efficiency. The project includes the implementation of the PC-20.ModelEditor platform and the creation of a system that can interact with the company’s management office and branches.

This initiative is part of Rosseti’s comprehensive digitalization program aimed at improving management and reducing costs. It will help increase the company’s efficiency by providing the ability to quickly calculate network parameters and speed up maintenance and request processing.

Source: Ferra

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