First of all, you can officially buy the new Vivo X100 Pro only in China (it will most likely not have a global version). The second significant drawback is the lack of LTE Band 12 frequency range (but you can live with that without any problems).

Vivo X100 Pro has a back panel made of plastic and frames made of aluminum. The set is traditional. A case and 120W fast charging are also included with the phone.

In general, the design of the smartphone is similar to all Chinese flagships of past years. And it is better to wear it with a case as it hides the camera unit well. The device is equipped with moisture protection according to the IP68 standard and supports two SIM cards simultaneously.

The X100 Pro’s screen is quite bright (3000 nits). It has a diagonal of 6.78 inches and a refresh rate of 1 to 120 Hz. It also uses a new RAM standard that should be 10% faster than the previous model.

In AnTuTu, the device scores just over 2 million (the smartphone is powered by Dimensity 9300). However, after one start-up, the device heated up to 42 degrees Celsius and lost 8% of its charge. And that’s quite a lot.

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The battery capacity of the new product is 5400 mAh. This is almost the largest battery you can find in such flagships. The smartphone will be charged to 100% in 20-25 minutes.

The sound of Vivo X100 Pro is quite loud. Its speakers are stereo, but the bottom sound is about 5% louder.

Vivo’s main camera unit includes three 50 MP modules. This is the main lens with optical stabilization, wide-angle camera and telephoto camera with 4.3x magnification. You can see the picture examples above. The Telephoto has a noticeable difference in photo quality compared to both its predecessor, the X90 Pro Plus and the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Vivo records video at 4K 60fps on the main lens, even compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Source: Ferra

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