The Ministry of Digital Development will allocate approximately 25.2 billion rubles for the development of state cybersecurity systems “Multiscanner”, “Anti-Phishing”, “Antifraud” and others until 2030. The department hopes that this will help replace the foreign solutions and increase the efficiency of existing systems, writes Kommersant.

The Ministry of Digital Development will allocate more than 25 billion rubles to the development of cybersecurity

7.1 billion rubles will be allocated to the development of a new system for combating computer attacks, Multiscanner, based on GosSOPKA. Another 3.7 billion rubles – for Anti-Fraud and Anti-Phishing, for an external assessment of the security of key GIS – 2.4 billion rubles. And 12 billion rubles will be allocated to cybersecurity systems (cryptography, security tools, etc.).

Market participants consider the planned amounts to be too high and emphasize that the result is far from guaranteed.

Until 2030, the Ministry of Digital Development plans to allocate 27 billion rubles for subsidies to IT startups and allow them to participate in public procurement. The department hopes to support at least a thousand startups that will launch at least 2 thousand new solutions and implemented products.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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