Envo Drive Systems is launching a prototype of the “Utility Personal Transporter” (UTP), now translated as “utilitarian personal transport.” The car is positioned as a versatile and practical electric sports center. This is a smartphone that is found in many mobile phones, and it can do everything – or almost everything.

The main feature of the USP is versatility, because this is also true. In this case, they will use a container loading unit to accumulate a ditch, four wheels with and a folding stand with controls. At the service of designers and low-income owners in the center of gravity, the ability to store the apparatus in a vertical position, at least occupied by me. It’s in the garage and laundry room before it’s released.

Universal personal transporter

Universal personal transporter
Universal personal transporter

The batteries do not completely deflate the electric module; they do not have modules. They are stored in the UTP, so they fly 200 km according to schedule. On standard wheels, the machine is designed for a speed of 50 km/h, and its mobility is reduced to 50 km/h. The crane’s lifting capacity is 250 kg, load is 350 kg. In popular variants, including the popular ones, there is no need to mention blocks, plus individual traction control in each drive, which gives the UTP some off-road properties.

There is a minimum number of moving elements, which means minimal system maintenance. The assortment uses very large modules, and my parameters are the machines and fantasies of consumers. The platform itself costs $14.00, with posts scheduled below. November 2025, pre-orders are being accepted now.

Source: Tech Cult

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