Good morning! We have separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology so that you know everything that happened last Monday (27). Just click on the links below to check out each news in its entirety.

1. Users report an error that caused money to disappear from their Bradesco account; to understand. Hundreds of Bradesco customers complained that their accounts were zero or that they were in debt; Check out!

2. Mercado Livre suspended the R$ 1000 coupon discount after complaints; to understand. Mercado Livre faced a barrage of criticism after offering a R$ 1000 voucher over the weekend and decided to cancel the R$ 500 voucher this Monday (27); to understand.

3. Ubisoft is releasing a free classic game on PC! Hurry up and save now. Learn how to get Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and add it to your library forever.

4. Xiaomi announced the new Redmi Buds 5 Pro with noise cancellation and 40 hours of autonomy. Xiaomi headphones promise high sound quality, the advantages of Bluetooth 5.3 connection and up to 40 hours of autonomy.

5. PS5 and iPhone lead in Google searches on Black Friday; see the ranking. Refrigerators, deep fryers, and air conditioners were other products that were in great demand among Brazilian consumers! Check out who the “stars” of Black Friday 2023 are.

6. Google Drive crash deletes new user files and folders. Google asked affected users not to try to recover files themselves but to wait for instructions.

7. Mammalian embryos develop in space for the first time. The study is the first to show that mammals can reproduce in space, creating new opportunities for human babies born outside Earth.

8. Invincible: When will the next episodes of season 2 be released? Invincible season 2 recently premiered on Prime Video, and there are more episodes to come! See when the remaining episodes air!

9. Quantum advantage: Super powerful computers may be nearby. In the article, a physicist describes the ‘enthusiastic’ work of researchers to deliver advantages in the implementation of efficient quantum computing.

10. According to research, surface water is seeping into the center of the earth. Researchers believe that water penetrated the surface, invaded the deepest layers of the planet, and interacted with the outer core.

Source: Tec Mundo

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