The Odnoklassniki social network allowed users to hide content in their personal profile. Almost anything can be taken out of the public realm: with the highest level of confidentiality, strangers will only see a photograph and a name. Previously, it was possible to hide content only using the local currency.

Odnoklassniki allows you to hide content in your personal profile for free

Odnoklassniki users now have the ability to hide the content of their profile from strangers. This can be done for free, previously this option was available only for the internal currency of the social network, the Odnoklassniki press service reported.

The social network allows you to hide information about the user’s list of friends, their photographs and videos, the holidays they celebrate and the list of gifts received. At the maximum level of confidentiality, only the user’s “avatar” and name will remain publicly available.

Soon Odnoklassniki will allow all users to prohibit receiving gifts from strangers, and will also modify the profile settings section.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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