Anatel adopted Decision No. 68/2023, published on Monday, 27th Monday, among other measures, Determines that operators selling 0800 numbers suspend sales immediately, to crack down on fake call center scams. Scams simulating call center service are used by criminals to collect data and defraud users.

In the official document, the regulator advises telecom companies to implement the 0800 prefix by December 27 to prevent irregular use. Recommendations include immediately suspending the number when there is evidence of it being used for fraud. and even strict blocking of numberingIf the subscriber provides insufficient explanation.

The idea is that all information Numbering Resources are organized and consolidated in the Management SystemIt is a database shared by providers and monitored by Anatel. Although the decision is presented as a “suggestion”, it warns that failure to implement the practices will mean “administrative liability arising from such negligence”.

protect the consumer

The text recommends that operators limit sales to a single 0800 code per user to prevent resale of these numbers (which is illegal for those not licensed by the agency). In addition, telecommunication companies need to check whether the subscriber’s economic activity corresponds to the purpose of the service before selling the number for free calls.

Anatel also recommends that operators include clauses in their contracts that prevent the resale of 0800 numbers. In case of fraud, the user will be held responsible.. If, when issuing records, operators detect numbers that do not meet the requirements and have not been edited, they must return them.

Source: Tec Mundo

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