Tinkoff will allow customers of other Russian banks to link their cards to the Tinkoff Pay instant payment service in 2024, Forbes has learned.

Tinkoff will allow cards from any Russian bank to be linked to Tinkoff Pay

Until now, the service was available only to clients of the bank itself. Upon launch, the company will add 65 million cards from other financial organizations to the service, data that the Russians have stored in the Tinkoff ecosystem.

According to a representative of the bank, it will be possible to link a card to the service during the first purchase. He clarified that on the payment page, clicking on the Tinkoff Pay button will open a special linking form. After this, you can pay for your purchases by clicking on the Tinkoff Pay button.

The service will support payment confirmation using a PIN code, face or fingerprint.

For those. Those who have already saved their card in the Tinkoff ecosystem will not have to additionally link it to Tinkoff Pay.

In summer, Tinkoff and Alfa Bank presented their contactless payment services, available for Android smartphones and Mir card holders.

Subsequently, Sber connected smartphone payment through the Tinkoff Pay service in stores that accept payments using Sberbank QR codes.

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According to Tinkoff calculations, access to the system for clients of other banks will help increase payment conversion by 19% and the average receipt per purchase by 11%.

In addition to Alfa Bank and Tinkoff, Sberbank and Yandex have payment services. In the first two cases, only cards of these banks can be linked to the system, while Yandex Pay is available for cards of any financial organization.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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