PropTech service HomeBro has launched a unified portal for real estate rental and sale advertisements. It is not an aggregator in its classic form, it is a search engine that uses a neural network to eliminate duplicate ads and analyze repairs based on photographs.

HomeBro launched a unique portal for real estate rental and sale ads

The HomeBro service has launched a portal with real estate rental and sale ads. The founder of the project, Lev Klebanov, spoke about the launch of RB.RU.

The portal is a search engine where the user goes to the source site to view the ad. The portal contains offers from Domklik, Tsiana, Avito, Yandex.Real Estate, M2, Samolet.Plus; in total, more than 1 million ads with daily replenishment, HomeBro reported.

“An important feature of the system is the use of neural networks to analyze the quality of repairs based on photographs and eliminate duplicate ads,” the service notes.

The portal is also integrated with a Telegram bot, through which it sends appropriate options to the user. HomeBro operates in 18 cities, all with a population of over one million, Sochi, Krasnodar and Arkhangelsk.

Former Yandex manager Lev Klebanov launched HomeBro in 2020. According to its own data, the service has attracted more than 500 thousand users, the active audience is 30 thousand people per month.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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