In December 2023, a number of new laws will come into force in Russia: authorization rules on Russian websites are changing, control over the work of rating agencies is being tightened, and mandatory labeling of soft drinks will begin. We talk about the most important things for business.

New authorization requirements on Russian websites and soft drink labeling: December news

  • Authorization on Russian Internet resources of the Russian Federation. It will only be possible through the local telephone number, using “Gosuslug”, a unified or other biometric system, which is fully or 50% controlled by the Russian side.

Currently, the State Duma is also considering a bill that will allow companies to resolve legal problems with Russian control until the end of 2024. The changes are supposed to protect the personal data of Russians.

  • Mandatory labeling of soft drinks in glass and plastic containers begins (except juices, nectars, fruit drinks and drinks based on vegetable materials).
  • Control over the work of rating agencies is strengthened. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation received the authority to establish requirements for the methodologies of credit rating agencies, as well as the procedure for evaluating the methodology for compliance with laws and regulations.
  • The reasons for declaring foreign passports invalid are clarified. Now this may be loss, expiration of validity, termination of citizenship, confirmed fact of registration on the basis of false information, non-transfer of a passport by a citizen of the Russian Federation, whose right to leave Russia is limited by law, by storage in an authorized body or organization.
  • The list of qualified foreign specialists has been expanded., begins operating on December 15. They are not subject to work permit fees.

The updated version expands the list of medical personnel with secondary vocational training. The 2022 document included midwives and obstetricians, nurses and nurses, while the updated list details 46 categories of nursing staff, including operating room nurses, paramedics and rehabilitation specialists.

Agricultural professions also appeared there: tractor drivers and tractor drivers. The list of professions in the construction sector now includes not two, but 11 categories. Leadership positions in the tourism sector have also been added to the list.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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