The Spotify app lets you listen to music, podcasts and digital videos, either for free or with one of its subscriptions. You can find suggestions according to your tastes. and create collections with your favorite content, according to its official page.


‘The app will stop working in that country, according to Billboard due to one of the articles approved by the parliament of that country This entails charging artists for the reproduction of their work on any internet platform or social network.

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Therefore, agreements between artists and composers must be reached. “The right to receive fair and equal remuneration for their exploitation.”According to ‘Spoiler.Bolavip’.

“Given the lack of clarity regarding changes to copyright laws contained in the 2023 Accountability Act, Spotify will unfortunately begin phasing out its Uruguayan service.” Complete suspension of service in February, starting January 1, 2024.”Swedish company announced.

In Uruguay, when a song is played on radio, television or for a party, the rights are collected by the General Union of Uruguayan Writers. You get 60% of what you pay for and the other 40% goes to the artists and labels.‘The person we work with, according to El Observador.

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In this respect, the spokesperson Uruguayan Translators Association He made the following statement for the medium in question: “It is not that we are against the platforms. “We are not like that at all, but we want it to be distributed fairly. Artists are the most vulnerable segment of the industry.”

Spotify explains: “Approximately 70 percent of every dollar earned from music is paid to the record labels and publishers who already own the music rights. “Any additional payments would make our business unsustainable.” According to ‘Billboard’.

And he added: “Changes that could force Spotify to pay twice for the same music will make our business of connecting artists and fans unsustainable and unfortunately leave us with no choice but to stop being available in Uruguay.”

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