The Yandex Taxi service published data on the dynamics of travel prices during the year and explained that to normalize the cost of travel, the taxi industry needs about 80 thousand more drivers throughout the country.

Earlier this week, the FAS recognized Yandex Taxi as the dominant service in the Russian market.

Yandex Taxi announced the need for about 80 thousand more drivers to normalize trip prices

Service analysts calculated the average cost of a minute of travel, taking into account all rates except corporate rates. The method takes into account all the factors that influence the final cost of the trip, for example, seasonality, weather, traffic conditions and time of day.

The calculation period is December 2022 to November 2023 (compared to December 2021 to November 2022).

  • Thus, it turned out that in the Moscow region (including Moscow) the average cost of a minute increased by 19% over the year. And in the Leningrad region (including St. Petersburg) – 21%.
  • The most notable price increase occurred in the Rostov region (cost per minute increased by 27%), Tatarstan (26%) and the Chelyabinsk region (25%).
  • The price increased less in the Samara region (by 17%) and in the Krasnoyarsk Territory (by 18%).

“To balance supply and demand and thus normalize prices, the taxi industry also needs about 80,000 drivers throughout Russia. In some regions, the imbalance between supply and demand due to the lack of drivers is felt more strongly: the average cost per minute there increased faster than in other geographical areas,” explains the service.

Simultaneously with the decrease in the number of drivers, the demand for taxi trips increased by 20% during the year. Also in large cities, the proportion of trips with high comfort fares, which are more expensive than trips with “economy” fares, has increased.

On November 27, the FAS recognized Yandex Taxi as the dominant service in the markets of the vast majority of Russian regions. Abuse of this provision may become grounds for taking appropriate antitrust measures, the FAS previously stated.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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