The British Ministry of Defense chooses the option of choosing a computer to control the tank.

To this end, the military production department acquired a quantum computer from the startup Orca. According to its CEO Richard Murray, the military attracted (in addition to high technical characteristics) its compact size and its ability to work in normal ambient temperatures, which is very important when installing it on a tank.

However, the main problem is the authors of the idea – they presented what functions are betting on the implementation of a capture tank commander. While the bottom is known – in the former conditions of such computers, it is much faster to solve specific mathematical problems.

According to R. Murray, the company uses this technology to use the interaction of combat vehicles during analysis, using applications for image recognition and sensor control. However, for now, everything extends to general ideas and ideas. Whether British tanks will become “smarter” in combat as a result will show. time.

Source: Tech Cult

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