Nikita Eltsov, former director of services at the Like Center business school, took over as general director of the company. In this position he replaced Vasily Alekseev, who remained with the company in an advisory capacity.

Nikita Eltsov became the new general director of Like Center

According to Kontur.Focus, Eltsov became CEO of Like Center on November 29. In November 2023, the business school introduced the senior manager as director of services.

Nikita Eltsov. Photo: “I like the center”

The Mash Telegram channel drew attention to personnel changes in the management of the Like Center and emphasized that Eltsov replaced the company’s founder, Ayaz Shabutdinov, who was arrested in a fraud case.

However, Vasily Alekseev is listed as CEO on the company’s website. The same information is confirmed by a post on the former CEO’s Telegram account, where Alekseev wrote that he was leaving the position of CEO and would continue “working on the development of the company as an advisor and shareholder.”

Business advisor and founder of the Like Center, Ayaz Shabutdinov, was detained from early November until December 16 in a fraud case. The blogger was charged with eight offenses under the article about large-scale fraud committed by an organized group.

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