One of the applications that has become indispensable in the summer months Google Maps. With it, it’s possible to find good restaurants everywhere and find the best route you need to take to get from your home to your off-day destination. Well, there is a new function in the app that helps a lot in the latter case.

The truth is, the possibilities offered by Google’s development are huge when it comes to being useful in what it has to do with routes followed. You can find out where the speed controls are right now; Clarify if there are traffic jams so you can change the way you drive: and you’ll also find routes with lots of filters, from the fastest to the least aggressive to the environment. It seemed incredible that the children were not treated. tolls something that matters, something that changes.

New feature of Google Maps

To date, what can be done in practice regarding tolls is to indicate whether they want to avoid the pass. While this was quite helpful, it was not enough. And they saw it in the Mountain View company, because they added a new function that will definitely be useful to more than one person. This allows know the exact cost You can decide whether you will need to follow a route using toll roads and therefore you want to follow it. It’s a big help so the expenses don’t turn into a negative surprise.

New option for highway tolls in Google Maps


One more step towards having absolute control of the information used in Google Maps (what you have to spend on fuel is complicated due to the varying prices at gas stations and the different consumption of each car), obviously this is the goal. Meanwhile, setup to view this information is as simple as accessing the options used to create a route. it means everything easy.

Does this innovation reach all regions?

Distribution of information, not internal tool, will begin gradual. In the first wave, the USA, India, Japan and Indonesia will be the places where you can enjoy this new feature. It will constantly reach other countries where Spain will not be missing. Knowing how Google behaves, we will most likely be able to use this possibility from smartphones, computers and tablets before the end of this month.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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