MTS has launched the Front Platform constructor, which speeds up the launch of internal and external services on ecosystem storefronts by 30%.

Front Platform accepts all end-to-end IT solutions of the MTS ecosystem. The main task of the platform is to use low code tools to implement the implementation and launch of new products in original formats.

The service allows you to standardize approaches to publishing and increase the reuse of solutions in different projects. Thanks to the service, the workload on IT teams will be reduced by 30%.

Front Platform is an effective system for quickly launching projects into ecosystem showcases and saving costs on developing front-end applications. Services for clients at MTS are developed by more than 200 product teams. To implement ready-made solutions in the “My MTS”, “Personal Account” applications and other online storefronts of the ecosystem, the team can now use a simple and convenient low-code designer, and they can not only create unique templates and custom scenarios, but also use other developments . command in a single interface.

— Pavel Voronin, First Vice President of MTS Technologies

The designer is based on server-side UI principles and has dynamic UI control.

This technology allows the server to pass instructions and data to the interface, updating them without having to download a new version of the application to the user’s device. All user interface elements in the MTS Front Platform catalog comply with standards using the MTS Granat design system.

Integration of service providers occurs through a special API. There is an admin panel. Using the new system, you can create websites and applications without special technical knowledge.

the first ones on the front platform will cross My MTS And MTS Live. For the external market, the front platform will be available from the end of 2025.

There are no restrictions on the development of the designer; several product teams can work in the service simultaneously. Also, a model for the operation of a user role in the system is now being implemented; depending on the role, various functionality and access to Front Platform services will be available.

Source: Iphones RU

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