The founder of the Tanuki restaurant chain and the Bulldozer Group holding company, Alexander Orlov, included on an international list of people wanted in Russia, said he was in London and that the news about the criminal case surprised him. The businessman told this to

Wanted founder of Tanuki Orlov said to be in London

The first reports about Orlov’s inclusion on the wanted list appeared on November 16. A criminal case was opened following a statement by the director of Promtekhnocom LLC, which owns a space in the city of Moscow.

The basis of the case under part 2 of Art. 165 of the Criminal Code (causing especially significant property damage as part of an organized group) could cause arrears in the rent of the premises of the Mercury Fitness gym, owned by Orlov. The injured party filed a lawsuit against Orlov for 110 million rubles.

In a conversation with Orlov stated that he had previously been an investor in this project, but that he withdrew from it and had no influence on operational activities. In this sense, the employer does not consider the claims justified.

“However, I can confirm that we did have litigation regarding this claim, but it has been in civil proceedings for approximately the last two years. There was never any talk of criminal liability, these are purely civil relations,” Orlov added.

The restaurateur hopes to resolve the situation in the near future, his defense is actively working on this issue.

Orlov also confirmed that he no longer has projects in Russia; the businessman himself is developing business abroad.

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“I’m in London now. We have just opened our Greek restaurant Gaia here. We will be opening a new outlet in Hong Kong very soon,” she noted.

On November 20, by decision of the Tverskoy Court in Moscow, Orlov was included in the international list of wanted persons. After the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine, Great Britain suspended the extradition of criminals to Russia.

Alexander Orlov previously sold all Russian assets – 33.3% in Tanuki, Tanuki-Krasnodar and Tanuki-N.-Novgorod. Later, the businessman left Russia.


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