URGEU biotechnologists have developed and patented a new and released a very interesting substitute for the popular cocoa powder, which they plan to obtain from husks, more commonly known as husks – waste received by many in the largest collectives for the work of Greek cereals.

USUE specialists began research in this area about fifteen years ago, and the initial goal was a promising food coloring for the production of confectionery products. However, in today’s work this is possible, so it is quite possible to replace about 10% of cocoa with powder from such husks, without any product for the chocolate taste of the final product.

It is worth noting here that in Russia, according to me, there is enough waste from buckwheat processing. For these purposes, there are 1000 hectares in the Southern Urals.

UrEU has come up with a cocoa powder substitute

No matter how bad it is, 100 grams doesn’t cost them that much. You have a lot of elements. It is very important for flavonoids – 88%, for manganese – 65%, for magnetism – 57%, for weight – 500% for men and 278% for men.

Before using the computer model at URGEU, they received acceptance for various biscuits and creams and confectionery glaze, which contains cocoa powder from buckwheat husks, and in terms of the technological logic of production, nothing changes – cafes, bakeries and confectionery shops do not forget your production according to traditions recipes

Source: Tech Cult

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