It’s funny when the riveters of Android smartphones proudly announce two, or even “entire” 3 years of promised updated firmware and software support for their devices.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5s can be updated technically in 2023. new new firmware He 10 years.

Let me remind you that in 2013, GTA V, the second part of The Hunger Games, the Vine social network and the Pebble smart watch were released. Feel like friends.

Most likely, this is the only smartphone from 10 years ago that has updated the software at all. Yes, there will be no new features, but there will be security fixes. The fact itself inspires respect.

There is nothing more to add here.

PS If you have an iPhone 5s, and it works even today, you probably shouldn’t wake it up even with radial firmware. Better check to see if it’s ready to explode. [reddit]

Source: Iphones RU

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