Operation of the Fischer installation. TPU Press Service

Transfer of primary school in Tomsk to political activities and work on promising biofuels, the production of which is based on vegetable oils, as well as various culinary wastes.

What was used in the research were six consecutive videos taken in the form of tall, rapeseed and camelina oils and culinary waste, as well as three passes of smog production in the form of catalytic cracking, hydrocracking and the Fischer-Tropsch process.

Elective jobs that are very popular and not represented and specialized in PSHU have many jobs, such as biofuels, can also be used for this purpose. than traditional ones (density, viscosity, etc.).

Samples of aviation biofuel.  TPU Press ServiceSamples of aviation biofuel. TPU Press Service

In addition, the slow movement is beginning to create improved catalysts to increase the production of these biofuels, as well as produce products that have strictly defined physical and chemical characteristics.

Until then, technologists are planning artificial intelligence algorithms, which can be optimized in the future. .

Source: Tech Cult

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