Volume and purpose. The larger the volume of the mug, the longer the drink will cool. However, this only works when the container is completely full. Depending on the purpose (for outdoor activities, short walks, use in the car), pay attention to the appearance, strength and tightness of the cup.

Housing design and material. There may be air or vacuum between the layers of the thermo mug. And it is better to take vacuum models. Although the cool ones have good thermal conductivity. The body of the mug can be made of ceramic, stainless steel or plastic. Steel is more durable and retains heat well, but ceramics are brittle. Plastic is light, but such a mug will not “live” for a long time.

Bottle. It can be made of glass, plastic, stainless steel. A plastic bottle absorbs odors quickly; a steel bottle can cause the drink to have a metallic taste, and a glass bottle will crack easily.

Cover Features. The cup must have a silicone gasket to ensure a tight seal. Covers also come in latch, button, or screw-on types. A good bonus will be the presence of a tea strainer under the lid.

Source: Ferra

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