Yandex Travel analysts have collected the top 5 destinations for New Year’s trips from Moscow with a budget of 100 thousand rubles for two. RB.RU shares a list of places where you can relax from January 1 to 7.

The top 5 destinations for New Year’s trips with a budget of 100 thousand rubles for two have been named

A round-trip flight to Osh (Kyrgyzstan) for two people with luggage will cost approximately 61.5 thousand rubles, and spending six nights in a double room in one of the hotels will cost 31.5 thousand rubles.

The next direction that analysts suggest is Kaliningrad. A round-trip flight for two people with luggage will cost about 52 thousand rubles, and the cost of almost a week in a double room in a four-star hotel will cost 44 thousand rubles.

In third place in the ranking is Mineralnye Vody. A round-trip flight with luggage costs about 73 thousand rubles, accommodation in a double room costs about 20 thousand rubles.

You two can go to Vladivostok for the New Year holidays. A flight from Moscow and back will cost approximately 58 thousand rubles, and shared accommodation will cost 25 thousand rubles.

Completing the main destinations is Yerevan. Round trip with luggage for two tourists – from 79.5 thousand rubles, weekly accommodation in a four-star hotel in a double room from 18.5 thousand rubles.

Other wintering destinations are Thailand, Uzbekistan, Türkiye, India and Azerbaijan. Among the cities where Russians spend the winter most often, the most visited are Bangkok, Phuket, Istanbul, Baku and Delhi. Most service users plan to vacation in warmer climates for about four weeks.

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Source: RB

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