The Council of the Deputy Representative for the Development of the Digital Economy under the Federation Council, Artem Sheikin, said that the Prosecutor General’s Office, together with Roskomnadzor, tried to pass the law “On Communications”.

According to him, the department is exploring the possibility of revoking the licenses of operators who miss fraudulent calls. Thus, we want to expand the list of conditions for the annulment of the convention. Now the operator is skipping checks for violations of traffic patterns, frequency usage and other conditions.

This will make it possible to carefully stop and bring to justice unscrupulous operators. It’s about frequency and severity.

— Artem Sheikin

The Ministry of Digital Development reported that they were not aware of the initiative. The Prosecutor General’s Office did not respond to the request, and Roskomnadzor declined to comment. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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