Google – 25 years in search: the most popular sites

This Monday, December 11th Google announces 2023 as the year of Google Search (Google’s Year in Search 2023).

Published annually, these lists offer an interesting overview of the billions of popular searches in news, politics, movies, entertainment, sports and more over the past year.

Hispanics were searched in Spanish in Google In the United States, many topics are currently relevant, such as:

Peso Pluma: Mexican music phenomenon Peso Pluma has taken the world by storm, breaking records and taking regional Mexican music to places never before seen. This year, Latinos in the US searched for everything about their music, the meaning of their name, who their father is and more.

Digital Trends in Spanish

Messi and Inter Miami: Since arriving in Miami, the soccer icon has set a search trend, sparking curiosity about where he lives? And the results of his new team.

Messi celebrates at Inter Miami

Charro Bean Recipe Ranks Most Searched Recipe in the US in 2023.

Other interesting topics:

Where to watch the world classic baseball? This was highlighted by the performances of teams such as Japan, Mexico, Cuba and the USA.

Who is Lele Pons? The task of finding the name Lele Pons began after her wedding to the artist Guaynaa.

What is Hamas? Due to the current military situation, people in the United States have turned to the search engine to find out more about the term.

Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol.53 became the song that set the trend of search queries in the US in 2023.

Worldwide search:

  • Shakira was the most popular singer, followed by Jason Aldean and Joe Jonas.
  • Inter Miami was the team that set the trend in 2023, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers and Al Nassr.
  • Jenna Ortega and Pedro Pascal are among the people and actors who are setting search trends throughout 2023 and the series they star in, including The Last of Us and The Wednesday.

Most searched for Argentina

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Most Popular Chile

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Most Popular in Colombia

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Most popular in Mexico

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Source: Digital Trends

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