Through a new post in your Internet, Meta has announced that it will be rolling out some improvements to Instagram. Going into more detail, he notes that these novelties will be aimed at parents and teenagers; and in offering tools and resources to fight bad habits in the app.

To do this, they announced a feature that will allow teens to control what content they watch and for how long they make. Thus, Instagram intends to give a “push” to those who are stuck in the same type of publications within the social network.

With a notification like “Take a break”; company aims to convince teens to stop accessing certain types of posts periodically.. As the company clarifies, this is a feature that can help teens “discover something new and exclude certain types of topics that can be associated with comparison of appearance.”

However, it seems that this novelty will not be available everywhere. The company has indicated that it will initially achieve Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

How this new Instagram feature works


The description given by the company is quite simple. When Instagram detects a repeating pattern in posts accessed by users, will display a notification with recommendations on what to watch next. Along with this, they will have the opportunity to see other types of content that they may also find interesting.

It should be noted that the images recommended by the platform they will not be linked to content that has already appeared in the Overview section. applications. This way you can be sure that you will not fall into the same circle again, at least not in principle.

We want people to feel good about their time on Instagram… Here’s a way to encourage that a little. It doesn’t matter what topic you delve into, if you do it on purpose, we will let you know and suggest other topics.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram Morning CBS

Proven Function

Usually we are not too big fans of such options on Instagram. Not because they are useless but because the application always finds a way to flip everything so they are useless. For example, the Break feature resets your clock every time you exit the app. This way, if you’ve replied to a message, you’ll have a fresh start, so you’ll never see the reminder.

However, if this feature is well implemented, it can be very useful. In fact, a study published in ResearchGate shows it benefits by creating friction for user experience.

The results of this study show that 58.2% of the respondents found these reminders quite helpful. So we know they “agreed or strongly agreed that ‘nudge’ improved their social media engagement by helping them be more mindful of their time on the platform.”

Coils and parental controls will also receive updates


In addition, the company guarantees that will perform the function take a break to the drums your platform. Also, they plan to do it in a more interactive way. Like the previous feature, this feature will first be tested in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Expected this summer both features are available in many other countries.

Among other news, Instagram is now allows parents to send requests to their teens to access parental controls.

On the other hand, parents will now be able to see information about the publications that their children report. In addition, they will also be able to track the time they spent on Instagram.

Source: Hiper Textual

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