Job search service HeadHunter plans to launch the Russian LinkedIn site “Setka”. The company may invest 1.5-2 billion rubles in the launch. Currently the service is operating in test mode, it has not yet been decided on its full launch, writes Kommersant.

Job search service HeadHunter plans to launch a Russian analogue of LinkedIn

“Grid” is positioned as an analogue of LinkedIn, the first major foreign social network. It was blocked in 2016 for violating the law on localization of personal data of Russians in the Russian Federation. The restrictions were followed by several attempts to create a Russian business social network: Skillsnet, TenChat, etc.

Experts doubt Setka’s claim and recall that the service’s problems are already being resolved by closed professional communities on Telegram and other platforms.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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