Pallas cats live in central and northern Asia. These animals are considered relatives of domestic cats. Pallas cats have round heads, short legs, thick and long fur (up to 7 cm in length).

There are several varieties of these cats as well. The first species (Siberian) lives in Siberia, Altai, Mongolia, China and its wool is light gray. The Central Asian Pallas cat, which has a reddish-light brown color, is found in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Iran and Kazakhstan. Finally, the Tibetan Pallas cat with the darkest fur can be seen in Tibet, Kashmir and Nepal.

Pallas cats eat mostly insects, rodents, birds and small mammals. Their hunting takes place mostly at night. Pallas cats are also known for their ability to adapt to extreme environmental conditions.

At the same time, Pallas cats do not like to interact with humans or other cats in any way. They prefer peace and solitude. This makes them very different from domestic cats.

Source: Ferra

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