Uchi.ru Plus LLC (part of VK) filed a petition to buy Rushmore. The latter is the owner of UFirst English schools, founded on the basis of the acquired Russian company English First.

VK subsidiary Uchi.ru intends to buy English school UFirst

The cost of the transaction could amount to between 100 and 150 million rubles, according to Alexei Gorislavets, general director of AFI Capital. It is expected to be approved “in the near future,” writes Kommersant.

In February 2023, VK consolidated Uchi.ru. The transaction amount amounted to 8.7 billion rubles. Before the deal, VK’s stake was 25%. VK is developing several more projects in the field of education. The company’s perimeter also includes the educational services Skillbox, GeekBrains, SkillFactory, Umskul, Tetrika, Sferum.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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