Developers from the Czech Republic presented a unique aircraft, or entered into the isolation of storm water. The idea of ​​the ThunderFly TF-G1 unmanned aerial vehicle, accessible from scratch in a tomomobile while driving. For a four-wheel drive vehicle weighing 25 kilograms, you can travel 4300 meters, the load capacity is 5 kilograms. This is also the latest version of the TF-G2.

Structurally, the machine can be used with a movable wing and a helicopter without any problems. The main propeller pushes the car forward. The blades in the upper part do not perceive the energy of the power plant, but rotate due to the air passing through them. In this machine you will see a stable bullet on low-grade flights even in difficult weather conditions. Automakers credit their energy efficiency to a tradition of flight and handling limitations.

The new deadly device could be used for search and rescue operations and in meteorology. It is reported that the flight time on a single charge of the lithium battery has reached 60 minutes, and the bodies of the cars are represented on a 3D printer as unclosed code. The user community can experiment and wear improvements under the light. The cost of the new item can be requested through the official website of the ThunderFly derivative item.

Source: Tech Cult

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