Of course, in more than one case, you can have the video you recorded with your terminal. Android not the way you want. Things don’t turn out the way you want because you see something in the background that you don’t like, or something you didn’t expect appears. Well, there is a chance edit easily with Google Photos and fix what is your problem.

The app we’re talking about, which can be downloaded for free (if your phone or tablet doesn’t have it by default), is among them many possibilities ones for editing the size of videos and other similar options. And best of all, it is quite intuitive and does not compromise the original source, so you can experiment without fear. In short: whatever you do, you will not be left without the original record.

How to cut video easily with your Android

These are the steps you need to take to access the video editing section offered by Google Photos. This allows you to change practically anything you want in the recording, and also, when you’re done, you can: shopping centre result of the form Independent without overwriting anything. So, as you can see, these are all advantages (if it’s not installed, that’s the app’s download link).

  • Open the Google Photos app as usual.
  • Now, among the contents you have in the terminal, you need to search and click on the video you intend to cut.
  • An icon called Edit will appear in the bottom area, which you need to press. Then, from the options in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen, find the option called Crop and use it.
  • This is a section of Google Photos for Android where you can crop a specific area in the video to change the aspect ratio to fit YouTube or Instagram, for example. It is important to know that the transform tool allows you to freely cut the recording using the dots that appear on the screen.
  • Once you’re done, look for the Save Copy option in the terminal panel and therefore you’ll never lose the original source unless you’re finally convinced of what you’ve done. This way you have finished the Google tool.
Editing videos with Google Photos

Smart Life

As you verified, you can remove nice party To the Google Photos app available for Android (also available for iOS). However, you have a large number of possibilities that are often unknown, and the truth is, they are the most useful in everything related to editing multimedia content.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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