2023 has been a year full of news for Android users. These include the arrival of resources and artificial intelligence (AI)-related tools that optimize the operation of the operating system. The last few months also marked the debut of the latest version of the software, Android 14.

Now we remember, in the style of a retrospective that traditionally airs on platforms like Spotify and YouTube at this time of year. The 10 best new features Android will launch in 2023.

1. Customizable lock screen

A. Lock screen customization available natively It was definitely one of the major Android updates in 2023. It allows you to change colors, fonts, clock style and other details.

This feature is available on mobile phones of all brands. As long as they run Android 14. Previously, customization was only available on certain models, depending on the manufacturer.

2. Warning about trackers

Google system that strengthens the security of those who have Android mobile phones, alert the user to the presence of unknown tracking devicesLike Apple’s AirTags. The aim is to prevent people from being monitored without their consent.

3. Voice messages with emojis

Voice messages accompanied by emojis allow the user to express themselves better.

Communicating with friends and family via Google Messages has become even better with the addition of new functions. One of them is Send voice messages with emojisShow your friends how excited, surprised, or confused you really are about the subject of the audio.

4. PDF Notes in Drive

Notes can be made with your finger or a digital pen.

To do Freehand annotations to PDFs in the Google Drive app This was another big development that Android launched in 2023. With the tool, you can write, draw, highlight sections, and more using your finger or digital pen without the need for external programs.

5. Bard in Google Assistant

Google Bard is one of ChatGPT's competitors.

Google’s virtual assistant has started taking on features from the company’s productive AI chatbot, Bard, and has become even smarter. With integration, technology becomes capable of: Search for messages on a specific topic, identify the most important emails and much more when receiving voice commands.

6. Spell Editor


Since the release of Magic Editor, correcting flaws in photos has become easier. Google’s productive AI image editor adjusts framing, deletes unwanted objects, replaces certain elements, and offers other tools in Google Photos. Unfortunately, the feature Limited to Pixel mobile phonesnow.

7. New accessibility features

Talkback now uses artificial intelligence to identify images.

Android has invested in many accessibility improvements in recent updates. Among the highlights it is worth mentioning the addition of: new languages ​​in the caption generator for sounds and calls, and using artificial intelligence to identify images, helping people with low vision.

8. QR Code Payments in Google Wallet

According to Google, this function democratizes access to digital payments.

This new feature provides: Pay for your purchases with your mobile phone at the machine, even if the device does not have NFC, contactless payment technology. The resource works with credit and debit transactions using Google Pay and is available for Mastercard, Visa and Elo cards on Rede, Getnet and Cielo machines.

9. Gemini Nano

Gemini Nano can transcribe audio recordings from Pixel 8 Pro.

Gemini, known as “Google’s most powerful artificial intelligence”, has also come to Android. Originally exclusive to Pixel 8 Pro, technology offers smart replies in messaging apps, transcribes audio files, makes adjustments to videos and automate other tasks.

The version designed for mobile phones is known as Gemini Nano, which is the most basic of the new language.

10. Android 14

Android 14 came with many new features.

Finally, we can’t go without mentioning the launch of the new version of Android, which brings better battery management, tweaks to increase user privacy, AI wallpapers, flash notifications, and Ultra HDR for photos, among other improvements.

Source: Tec Mundo

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