Finally, it is also possible to transfer your WhatsApp conversation history from your Android smartphone to an iPhone. The opportunity had been announced a while ago and was already in the air.

About a year ago, WhatsApp announced at a Samsung event that it would introduce the ability to transfer conversation history from iPhones to Samsung smartphones. It was also announced that WhatsApp will enable the transition from Android smartphones to iPhones at a later date, and that there will be a function that will transfer your conversation history to non-Samsung Android smartphones.

How do I transfer my WhatsApp conversation history?

Basic functions that should have been possible from the very beginning. You won’t find the switching functionality right where you expect it, though. If you want to transfer your WhatsApp conversation history to your (new) iPhone, you will now find this function “Switch to iOS” in the Android app. In this app you can specify what data you want to move to iPhone, now you can also transfer your WhatsApp conversation history (including saved photos, videos and other documents). If you already have WhatsApp on your iPhone, this data will be overwritten.

Anyone with a Samsung smartphone can equally transfer their conversation history for a while with Samsung’s Smart Switch App. New Android smartphones running Android 12 can transfer conversation history with the built-in passthrough feature. You need a USB-C to Lightning cable for both options.

WhatsApp backup

You cannot use the backup function for all migrations.

WhatsApp is making progress

Earlier this week, WhatsApp beta users were given the option to export online backups from cloud storage. This has already revealed that the developers are busy with the migration functions of WhatsApp.

Until now it was possible to transfer your WhatsApp conversation history only through these online backups, but not to Android or iOS. Transfer between Android smartphones was also possible by copying the entire WhatsApp folder to the new Android smartphone via Windows Explorer.

Source: Computer Totaal

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