One of the tools not available in a free web version, Photoshop. Among other things, this is historically one of the most used options for editing images in an advanced way and with a large number of options. It looks like that will change and we’ll tell you why.

It is true that the tool we have been talking about for a long time has a browser version, but it was only available to those who owned a browser. Adobe Creative Cloud. So it wasn’t something everyone could use. And for this reason, some third-party options were created to be able to edit images online with many functions…but never with the possibilities that Photoshop has.

Adobe wants to change the situation with Photoshop

It is true that some company executives have announced that they are working on an improved online option for online image editors, but additional details about it are unknown. And one of the first to appear, we’re talking about a client that will be entirely in the cloud. unrequited, so that it will be accessible to everyone. This is undoubtedly great news for many, but especially for those who own a Chromecast without a compatible app.

What is also known is that the client will have limitations with the option installed on computers, but this makes sense due to the number of possibilities available with Photoshop. What is certain is that the work layers will be entirely possible and even a few Effects they will be accessible. Those who decide to use the payment cancellation that will also be made available will have access to whatever Adobe has in mind.

Photoshop on a laptop


What causes this web version to be released?

Well, it seems pretty obvious what the paid version is looking for, in addition to battling other options like Photopea, which are now widely used as online clients. attract users so they see the benefits of development and sign up for the paid version Adobe already offers. In principle, everyone wins.

It is important to note that the tests have already started to make it clear that everything is working as it should. The country chosen for this Canada, but it is unclear when it will reach other regions, where Spain will also not be missing. Additionally, it remains to be seen if it’s combined with a mobile client where you can review versions and leave comments (but not change them).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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