A survey by digital security specialist Nord VPN revealed that criminals are already making money 88 million BRL more commerce on the dark web 720 thousand Dice Brazilians. Information sold includes credit cards, identification documents, and driver’s licenses.

Among email sales, Brazilians are ranked 20th by the approximate cost of each address. $9.99 each (current price R$51.07). This is almost the same value. identities In the country that costs $9.31 (or R$47.60) and is in position 197 out of 211. It is common for this information to be commercialized in large quantities.

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According to Nord VPN, the most common items are: credit card datacomplete sets personal identification data and driving license. Overall, the most accessed categories are documents (43%) and financial data representing 39% of the total. Accounts, emails and passwords add up to 18% together.

In the ranking that analyzes all countries, passports appear as the most expensive items on average. $600 per copy (R$3,067.48 in direct conversion). Czechs, Slovaks and Lithuanians top the list. $3,800 (or 19.427.37 BRL). There is no specific data on Brazilian passports.

Source: Tec Mundo

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