Duracell presented a charging station in the form of huge batteries.

The top of the device has a flip-out wireless charger with MagSafe, and on the back there are several USB-C, USB-A ports and an outlet for charging and powering gadgets.

Available in two versions: with 219 Wh and 91 Wh batteries. The 219 Wh model can charge 3 laptops, 14 smartphones, 100 headphones or 9 drone batteries.

The younger version can charge 1 laptop, 6 phones, 50 headphones or 4 drone batteries.

The left version has a small storage space for devices that are wirelessly charged. The device is charged using the best docking station that comes in the box.

For now, you can only buy a Duracell charging station in the USA. The top version costs $249 or 22.5 thousand rubles, the junior version costs $159 or 14.3 thousand rubles. [9to5Toys]

Source: Iphones RU

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