In California, the Passenger Pass is also open to the public. In fact, you’ve never seen a human in the world of Flippy robotics. Visitors who decide to have a snack will order dishes on a touch screen and wait for them to be prepared, watching the manipulations of robots. A large and varied menu is announced and there is a virtual lack of personal interaction with the staff.

Inside the kitchen, everything is arranged so that every order and every process of its preparation will be fully automated. One of the leaders of the company that developed the Miso Robotics system, John Miller, characterizes the new product as the culmination of many years of research and development. By combining technology and investment, it was possible to create the world’s first completely autonomous restaurant in the world.

Launching such a fast food outlet will be a bold experiment. People from the burger bar next door will control the work in Tomatiki indirectly, interfering only to correct mistakes made by Flippy. For this reason, you will be able to call it as the human workers know it. We will invite restaurateurs. If the pilot is safe, the next step is to leave the island. It is expected that many will go to this restaurant not only for a snack, but also to take a lot of photos for social networks.

Source: Tech Cult

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