Researchers from Tel Aviv University meet the nopal cactus in full scale. In their companies, they relied on the thematic model of electronic processes at the checkout, the creator of XEN

The basis for the research was two complaints – from signalmen and from farmers. The former enjoyed respect for the wireless signals of the forest masses, the latter – for the decrease in the yield of biszi bibi bi. Both phenomena are covered with t, that in rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr a lot of water, but is it alive ssssss? The task of scientists was to study the properties to search for possible options.

the definition of microwave technology, the discovery of an exception from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology that in the presence of conditions for the disappearance of plants, many electromagnetic resonances can be created. At the request of the Israelis, they opted for mathematical modeling to determine that it could operate as a broadband omnidirectional antenna in the Wi-Fi frequency range from 900 MHz to 7.7 GHz. Scientists connected to the source of the signal, and he began to emit it.

How to choose the right one. Firstly, it is a natural accumulation of moisture with good signal conductivity. Secondly, there are many desert occupiers in Israel, where it is difficult to establish communication, but call the cacti there. terms.

Source: Tech Cult

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