In 2023, startups in the field of artificial intelligence attracted investments worth $27 billion, writes the Financial Times citing PitchBook. This is a record result for the entire calculation period. The previous record of $11 billion was set in 2021 post-Covid.

AI startups to attract record $27 billion in funding in 2023

About two-thirds of all investments come from Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Microsoft, for example, amid the success of the ChatGPT chatbot, invested $10 in its creator OpenAI at the beginning of the year.

Google and Amazon announced investments in Anthropic, an OpenAI competitor, of $4 billion and $2 billion, respectively.

Thus, in the last year, technology giants have surpassed venture funds in terms of investment volumes. The startups themselves also prefer to cooperate with large companies, the newspaper notes.

This is due to the technological capabilities of the giants, which, in addition to money, offer access to powerful chips and their cloud infrastructure.

As Patrick Murphy, partner and founder of venture capital fund Tapestry VC, points out, the tech giants have already taken control of most of the companies that can be classified as “one in a million.”

The founder of the Conviction venture fund, Sarah Guo, in turn, stated that today there is a large layer of unexplored areas in the use of AI.

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“And many of the most valuable companies in this space will be fundamentally different,” he concluded.

As the newspaper writes, several funds invest in developers of products created according to the basic models of OpenAI and Anthropic.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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