The year 2023 was very important for the establishment of Windows 11. In its third year of operation, Microsoft’s operating system has gained a number of impressive new features, including interface features, new programs and an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot.

The number of additions strengthens the company’s campaign to get more people to update their computers to the latest version or buy newer devices with the factory system. See below what the platform’s main new features are this year.

The 9 Best Windows 11 Features of 2023

1st Copilot

There’s no way to compete on PCs in 2023 with Microsoft’s Copilot platform, which unifies all of its artificial intelligence (AI) experiences. The service, which replaces Cortana, is already available in a number of environments, from Office suite programs to the Bing search engine.

It can be used as a program guide, productive AI content creator, review platform, and many other uses. The free-to-use platform runs on OpenAI’s language engine and is updated with more powerful versions than the free version of ChatGPT.

It is so successful that even Windows 10, although it is considered an old operating system, should get the platform soon.

2. Native support for RAR and Zip


WinRAR’s days are numbered, and with so few people paying for the software anyway, it may even be stopped from being downloaded. This is because Windows 11 has received the functionality to open RAR, ZIP and 7Z compressed files natively and natively. However, for compressed documents you still need to use one of these programs.

3. Connect to more brands of Mobile Phones

Telephone Connection.

HE Connection to Mobile Phoneor Phone Link is a feature that allows the user to view various smartphone features on the computer, such as messages, recent photos, screen mirroring, and running some compatible mobile applications. This feature, which was previously only available on Samsung models, was expanded to include the iPhone at the beginning of the year in 2023, and months later to include models from Chinese manufacturers Realme, OnePlus and Oppo.

4. Write anywhere on the screen

Windows 11 has a number of unique features for touchscreens, from tablets to laptops to hybrid devices. However, one of the biggest demands of this audience was only met in 2023: allowing handwriting at any point on the screen using a stylus pen.

Windows Ink.

Windows Ink technology has been modernized to detect scribbles and automatically convert them to text, even as you fill out surveys and registration screens.

5. Artificial Intelligence in Paint

Even the legendary Microsoft Paint has not been left out of the AI ​​wave. The software, whose production was stopped and managed to survive thanks to community demands, now has artificial intelligence that produces images.

Paint with AI.

Called Cocreator, the program uses OpenAI’s Dal-E engine to create creative illustrations and launch a wide range of artistic works for people of all ages to make their first contact with this type of resource.

6. Various improvements to Notepad


Classic Notepad remains relevant in Windows 11, and several improvements have been made to the minimalist text editor throughout the year. A tab feature, a Night Mode, and more recently a character counter have been added to the service.

7. Local Screen Recording

Screen recording in Windows 11.

Another new feature added by Microsoft that eliminates the need to download more programs is local screen recording. This feature is not as complex as OBS, but can pose a challenge for simpler transmissions.

8. Photo Updates

Photos on Windows.

HE Native Photo viewer app in Windows 11 He became much better equipped in 2023. It can now remove backgrounds and replace them with colors, allowing simple edits without having to download a more complex platform. New album navigation and sharing mechanisms have also been added with OneDrive.

9. Toggle switches

Like Google, Microsoft is one of the companies most committed to reducing the reliance on traditional passwords to access accounts and services. Windows 11 gains native support in 2023 toggle switches (or access keys), these are alternative forms of profile authentication.

Access keys.

by the company “the safest and most convenient method”access keys biometrics, PIN or an alternative mobile device. They are stored securely in the system using the Windows Hello platform, saving precious seconds in all your routine login processes.

Source: Tec Mundo

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