2023 is ending, and as the year bids farewell, we say goodbye to some technology platforms, features we thought would never go away, and even services that seem incredible are still around. We hope 2024 will be friendlier, but in the meantime we will show you technology that died in 2023.


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Well he didn’t die and didn’t say goodbye, he just said now I. It’s terrible, no one likes it, and frankly, we all keep calling it Twitter.

Elon Musk managed to turn the purchase of Twitter into a real soap opera with an unexpected and unpopular ending: changing the name of his favorite social network.

And while X struggles between business models we don’t know will ever work, we’ll keep tweeting. Or is it shuitear?

Lightning Port

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For those of us who aren’t Apple fans, check out how the new line came to be iPhone 15 and even the AirPods Pro’s transition to USB-C was pretty fun. And seeing Tim Cook describe a technology found in hundreds if not thousands of Android devices for years as something “incredible” and “fantastic” was interesting, to say the least.

We think the transition must have been less painful for Apple fans than the memes suggested. After all, many other Apple devices have been using USB-C for years.

13-inch MacBook Pro

Nobody ever understood the 13-inch MacBook Pro. It might have been a good option for users who wanted something more powerful than the MacBook Air but didn’t want a larger laptop. But editing video on a 13-inch screen is not very convenient. Either way, with the introduction of the 14-inch MacBook Pro and 15-inch MacBook Air, we knew their days were numbered.

Amazon Halo

Amazon: Halo Rise
Digital Trends in Spanish

It is possible that if you are not a regular reader Digital Trends Do you have any idea what Amazon Halo is? Well, it was Amazon’s line of wearable technology. Some models were designed for athletes and others for health purposes, such as recording sleep quality and certain health functions. It never caught on.

Netflix DVD service

Netflix DVD
Digital Trends in Spanish

The original Netflix is ​​over. You see, in its origins Netflix was a DVD movie rental service. by mail. You looked through the catalog, ordered one, and it took three to five days to arrive. Then it turned into a streaming service and you know the story. It’s hard to believe, but until 2023 the service was still operating in 2023. Goodbye cowboy.

Gafas Google

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The pioneer says goodbye, and only the future will know if his sacrifice was worth it. And without Google Glass, we wouldn’t be talking about mixed reality. And although it can be said that his death occurred in 2015, Google refocused Glass on the business sector. That didn’t work either. It’s ironic that Google Glass is being said goodbye in the same year that Apple introduced its XR visor.


This is a difficult loss. And if you’re a Redditor, you’re probably still grieving. Apollo was a Reddit client for iPhone, it is best to tell the truth. But everything fell apart when Reddit announced new prices for its API, forcing Apollo to pay $20 million a year. The movement was also groundbreaking: Apollo founder Christian Selig became a martyr and Reddit CEO Reed Huffman became the villain of the year.

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