The Brazilian government has approved a new law It includes penalties for violence against children and adolescents in the virtual environment. The new rules were published in the Official Journal of the Union this Monday (15), which means: is already in effect.

New text addresses behavior in virtual communities and networksNext to you cyber bullying app And Transferring pornographic content to minors. The project was approved by the Senate in December 2023 and was only awaiting the President’s signature.

A. Law No. 14,811/2024 It is to amend the articles of the Criminal Code, the Child and Adolescent Law and the Serious Crimes Law. Generally, During his detention period, penalties were made even more severe.

New protection law for children and adolescents

According to the text of Law No. 14,811/2024, the penalty will be imposed on anyone who creates or maintains a virtual community in which children under the age of 18 are “encouraged to commit suicide or self-harm” It is possible five years imprisonment. It now qualifies as a heinous crime.

Cyberbullying is now paying off imprisonment from two to four years in cases that are not considered serious crimes.

Besides, Transmitting or viewing pornographic content involving minors now carries both a fine and a prison sentence of four to eight years. Previously, only those who produced such content were punished.

The text of the law formalizes the punishment to be given to those who commit these crimes outside of the digital environment. deliberately fails to report the disappearancethat of a child or adolescent (up to four years imprisonment) and necessity criminal record documents For those working in places where there are activities for minors.

The full text of Law No. 14.811/2024 can be accessed from this link in the Official Gazette of the Union.

Source: Tec Mundo

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